All frequently asked questions with appropriate answers on one page. If you still can’t find an answer to your question, please contact us by email at info@.echelon-festival.de.


Festival Grounds – Friday, 19.08.2022

Start: 14:00

End: 01:00 o’clock


Festival Grounds – Saturday, 20.08.2022

Start: 11:00 a.m.

End: 01:00 o’clock


Festival Grounds – Sunday, 21.08.2022

Start: 11:00 o’clock

End: 22:00 h



Start: Friday, 19.08.2022 – 10:00 a.m.

End: Monday, 23.08.2022 – 15:00 o’clock

Day tickets for Friday, Saturday & Sunday: admission from 16 years but under reservation and only until 00:00. No exceptions will be made – this also applies with a supervisor or the famous “Muttizettel”.

Full Weekend & Camping tickets are only from 18 years.

It is compulsory to bring an identity card.

Persons with a disabled pass get free access to the festival. Of course, there are also disabled toilets on site.

Photos may be taken without restriction for private use. For commercial and business use, a prior agreement with us is required. Please contact us at: info@echelon-festival.de In case of violation, you will be banned from the site.

In this case please contact our security staff, they will make exceptions in justified cases.

You will find them here on the homepage as soon as they are published. Additionally, the site plan and timetable will be posted on the festival grounds and published in the Echelon App.

Shortly before the event we will release the new version of our Echelon Woov App, here you will find an interactive map, timetable and important information about the festival.

Only gym bags or backpacks in Din A4 size are allowed on the festival area. All larger backpacks must be left outside. Please note that there is no possibility to safely store your backpack outside the festival area. These regulations only apply to the festival area and not to the camping area, where you are allowed to bring backpacks of any size.

All day tickets are subject to the general One Way regulation, i.e. a valid ticket allows only one access per day to the festival area! All owners of a Full Weekend Ticket are of course exempt from this regulation. You can leave and re-enter the campsite and festival area as often as you like.

Advertising, billposting and flyer distribution on the grounds for other events, companies, etc. is only allowed after consultation! In this case, please contact: info@echelon-festival.de in advance. Violators will be banned from the site & charged for any cleaning costs.


Directly as an e-ticket here on our website www.echelon-festival.de. Please note that Echelon tickets are sold exclusively through our website using our exclusive ticket provider Paylogic/Seetickets. Please do not purchase tickets from third parties.

Basically this is not possible, but we offer you two relaxed alternatives. Either you use our ticket transfer or the official resale. You can find more information in the FAQ below.

You can use the so called “Ticket Transfer” service, to get there you have two possibilities:

  1. you open your personalization which you received as an e-mail from our ticket provider “Paylogic” and click there once again on “personalize”, in the window that opens you will see a button that says “Ticket Transfer”, confirm it and follow the instructions.
  2. you open your order confirmation which you received as an email from our ticket provider “Paylogic” and click there on the order date. Afterwards a window will open in which you will see the button “Ticket Transfer”, confirm it and follow the instructions.

Please note that the re-personalization costs 10€ per ticket.

You can sell your ticket through our resale platform right here on the website. Since it is an official offer from us, it is 100% guaranteed that your sold or purchased ticket is valid. Please note that you can only sell your ticket at a price between 90% and 100% of the original price. To sell your ticket, open the website menu and click on “Ticket Resale”.

Camping tickets are only valid in conjunction with a Full Weekend ticket.

To use the campsite you need a Camping Ticket, this is only valid in combination with a Full Weekend Ticket.

You can personalize your tickets until shortly before the start of the Echelon. Only after the personalization you will receive your ticket!

There will be no hardtickets for the Echelon anymore.

Please contact our ticket provider Paylogic directly at https://customerservice.paylogic.de/ (live chat or online form).

All tickets are personalized and non-transferable, if you want to sell or re-personalize your ticket, see the FAQ above.

There are tickets for immediate residents every year, the exact information will follow soon.

All tickets that you purchase through the official pre-sale on this website will be sent to you electronically through our ticket service provider “Paylogic/Seetickets”. Please check your spam folder if you are still waiting for your ticket or personalization link after payment.

The last years have taught us to buy tickets in advance, because the last Echelon was completely sold out.

Here you can have your order sent to you again.


The Echelon 2022 will be cashless, i.e. you pay with your admission ticket. You can load credit onto this in advance and also on site and use it to pay conveniently on site. Unused credit can be returned after the event.

We have a lot of great food trucks on site that will provide you with everything your raver heart desires. Bringing your own food (exceptions for allergies etc.) and drinks to the festival area is prohibited and will be checked at the entrance.

Absolutely – details TBA

It’s 2022! For you there are various delicious food trucks that will provide you with vegan, Indian curry or great bowls for example! YAM!

Generally we recommend a Full Weekend & Camping Ticket to stay overnight, but no one will stop you from sleeping in your car if you are not fit to drive. Saftey first!

For all medical emergencies you will find a medical tent right next to entrance 2 – buses.

Yes, there will be a fee for the use of the parking lot. We have decided not to include this cost in the ticket price, because that would mean that every guest, even if not arriving by car, would have to pay for it.
Full Weekend Parking: 10€
Saturday Parking: 7€
Sunday Parking: 5€

There is no possibility to drive directly to the venue after 21:00, so there will be an official “Kiss & Go” parking lot in front of Kaufland (Bad Aibling). Please plan this for your arrival and departure, the parking lot is easily accessible within 10 minutes from the site and is signposted.

We scan the tickets from your mobile without any problems, we are happy to avoid the additional waste of printed tickets!