ECHELON FESTIVAL 2021 – 20. bis 22.08.2021 BAD AIBLING


Please mind following rules if you use the Echelon campsite!

Warm Up Friday and the campsite are only for adults (minimum age 18)

Glass bottles are not allowed at the campsite

Entering and usage of the campsite on own risk and responsibility!

Power generators are not allowed

Don’t bring your kids or pets! If you’re looking to bring a pet or kid, you will need to stay off-site.

Please take your tent and stuff home after the festival and use it again.

It’s not allowed to dig holes on the campsite!

Sharing flyer or other promotion activities will be penalized with house ban and criminal complaint.

Gas cookers and cartouches aren’t allowed at the campsite – infringements will result in house ban.

The campsite opens at 11:00 AM on Friday and closes at 12:00 PM on Sunday.  Access only with Full Weekend ticket.

BBQ is only allowed at the grill area on the campsite (only single-use grill or a charcoal grill)

You need to pay a trash pawn (10€) at the camping area entrance. You’ll get your money back if you bring your collected trash.  

Camping is only allowed on the provided areas – please keep the escape routes free in your own interest!

Any weapons (guns, thrusting weapons, missiles, slingshots, etc.) are strictly forbidden – every contempt will be penalized with criminal complaint!

Pyrotechnic articles and open fire are not allowed and will be complained to the police! Please mind the danger of fire!

Please don’t leave your bulk trash (sofas, fridges, etc.) on the campsite – the disposal costs will be invoiced to the causer! Every trial will be complained to the police!

Following objects are forbidden on the campsite:

Beer crates, bulky objects, bikes & motorbikes, medication in unusual quantity, marker & Eddings (except Make-Up), spray cans, any caustic, flammable or tinting substances or vessels with substances which damage the health or are flammable. Any vessels which contain liquids (like body lotion, perfume, nail polish remover) in unusual quantities.

Dry ice is not allowed on the camping area!

Any contempt against the rules or the instructions of the staff can be avenged with house ban or criminal complaint!